To complete the patch installation procedure, it is necessary to upgrade yours environments. This can be done by using the Administration tool.

WorkItem IDSupport NumbersProduct VersionProductSubSystemFront EndProblem Synopsys
54192Case 001071497.87 cp07<any>Web Front-EndUnexpected processing of AND/OR clauses (GraphQL queries)
35949Case 000931977.87 cp070-All ProductsProperty PageWindows Front-EndCannot connect a Repository Snapshot to a Profile Assignment
44125Case 001002837.85 up03 cp07 hf07Improve objects logs filter in Repository reorganization tool
46464Case 000989327.87 cp070-All ProductsWeb Site (Creation, Generation...)Windows and Web Front-EndNo clickage zone in image page (static web site, SVG image format)
48810Case 001040947.87 cp06 hf030-All ProductsProperty PageWeb Front-EndUnexpected error when displaying popup menu ('error 'Cannot Proceed command on this page')
46119Case 000991017.87 cp06 hf021 - HOPEX Power Studio (MTS2)Web Site (Creation, Generation...)Windows Front-EndError when generating static web site with API script
449037.85 up03 cp07 hf07Improve Repository Reorganization process capabilities
44232Case 001008917.87 cp070-All ProductsDesktopWeb Front-EndUnexpected behavior with custom columns in web list
55168Case 001061627.87 cp071 - HOPEX Business Proces Analysis (HBPA)DesktopWeb Front-EndCannot prevent action Remove of Org-unit from Library (custom data)
47709Case 001031817.87 cp06 hf030-All ProductsWeb Front-EndUnexpected display in preview of diagram
48999Case 001041567.87 cp05 hf241 - HOPEX Internal Control (ICM)Property PageWeb Front-EndUnexpected behavior when sorting a specific list
49377Case 001043317.87 cp06 hf060-All ProductsDiagramWeb Front-EndCannot prevent to create an object in a diagram (DiagramTypeObject Creatable No, Web Front-end)
51281Case 001052337.87 cp05 hf240-All ProductsAuthentication and Security (Web)Web Front-EndUnexpected authentication errors (UAS, SSO)
50180Case 001048017.87 cp070-All ProductsImport/Export (HOPEX Files)Web Front-EndCannot setup a new query when selecting object to export (wizard mode)
55948Case 001083087.87 cp06 hf08<any>Web Front-EndCertain GraphQL requests are not processed or time out
40988Case 000989997.87 cp06 hf01<any>Web Front-EndCannot update email dynamically at login (SSO/Saml2)
53099Case 001060347.87 cp070-All ProductsImport/Export ExcelWindows Front-EndError on Search Name (indexed) for system base items
45903Case 001023207.87 cp071 - HOPEX Business Proces Analysis (HBPA)Property PageCannot connect Org-unit to Operation using property page (profile 'Process Functional Administrator')
44683Case 001010257.87 cp071 - HOPEX IT Architecture V2 (HITA)DesktopWeb Front-EndEmpty page when opening tile 'Application Environment'
47739Case 001032617.87 cp071 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)DesktopWeb Front-EndIncorrect display of list when deleting an item (custom list)
54323Case 001072497.87 cp071 - HOPEX IT Portfolio Management (APM)Property PageWeb Front-EndCannot initialize a value in a listview
51372Case 001056157.87 cp06 hf070-All ProductsWizardWeb Front-EndCannot use filters when adding an existing object to a diagram
43946Case 001003257.87 cp05 hf180-All ProductsWindows Front-EndError when exporting objects (Invalid Buffer length)
45757Case 001018977.87 cp071 - HOPEX Power Studio (MTS2)Property PageWeb Front-EndUnexpected display for section title (specific data)
54809Case 001071517.87 cp070-All ProductsInstant ReportWeb Front-EndInstant Report does consider GUI name for MetaAssociationEnd
50527Case 001050427.87 cp070-All ProductsDesktopWeb Front-EndUnexpected behavior with display of warning (HelpCommentDelay, configured at desktop level)
48802Case 001036657.87 cp05 hf22<any>Property PageWeb Front-EndCannot connect object in property page (custom data)
46259Case 001021727.87 cp071 - HOPEX Database Buider (DBB)WizardWindows and Web Front-EndIncorrect behavior in mapping editor
448737.85 up03 cp07 hf07<any>Better management of diagrams with heavy bitmaps
52274Case 001059627.87 cp071 - HOPEX Internal Control (ICM)Property PageWeb Front-EndLoading of checklist is not reliable
49517Case 001047637.87 cp071 - HOPEX General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)Incorrect initialization of Organizational Model tree (Department and Processing Activity missing)
44417Case 001010867.85 up03 cp07 hf091 - HOPEX Power Studio (MTS2)Property PageWindows Front-EndUnexpected behavior when changing _AtIndex from Unique to Not unique
45051Case 001011057.87 cp071 - HOPEX IT Architecture V2 (HITA)DesktopWeb Front-EndUnexpected slowness when browsing folder displaying interactions
49446Case 001028097.87 cp06 hf040-All ProductsDesktopWeb Front-EndCRUD configuration is not considered (MetaAssociationEnd set to read, Tree)
48861Case 001038557.85 up03 cp07 hf111 - HOPEX Internal Control (ICM)ReportWeb Front-EndCannot run report 'Automatic execution'
48978Case 001036147.87 cp070-All ProductsDesktopWeb Front-EndThe floating toolbar is not systematically displayed in list (HTML browser zoom rate 100%)
47762Case 001033117.87 cp05 hf202 - HOPEX Datamart (HDT)Windows Front-EndUnexpected slow performances when running Datamart incremental update
46004Case 001021377.87 cp071 - HOPEX LDC (LDC)DesktopWeb Front-EndMissing columns 'Declarent's entity' in list 'All incidents'
45754Case 001018797.85 up03 cp07 hf080-All ProductsMigration /UpdateWindows Front-EndError during index alignment
45736Case 001022267.87 cp07<any>Web Front-EndIncorrect date format in tooltip
46807Case 001010877.87 cp071 - HOPEX Enterprise Risk Management (ERMW)Web Front-EndCannot edit all Control properties (profile 'Risk Manager')
44742Case 001014177.87 cp070-All ProductsDesktopWeb Front-EndCannot customize Desktop to hide toolbar icon 'Share breadcrumb'
52273Case 001060897.87 cp06 hf070-All ProductsWizardWeb Front-EndUnexpected behavior in wizard Connecting (filter)
45022Case 001014367.87 cp070-All ProductsDatasetWeb Front-EndMetaClass _GUIName is not considered in full search result page
49006Case 001039697.85 up03 cp07 hf100-All ProductsDesktopWeb Front-EndError when right click on certain objects (Cannot proceed command on this page)
47462Case 000996537.87 cp05 hf202 - HOPEX Datamart (HDT)Windows and Web Front-EndRefreshing of existing datamart is not reliable (manually or using scheduled job)
41580Case 000998227.87 cp070-All ProductsWeb ConnectionWeb Front-EndRephrase login page time out message
44351Case 001010887.87 cp071 - HOPEX Business Architecture & Strategic Planning (BASP)DesktopWeb Front-EndIt is not allowed to connect a Value Stage to a Value Stream
54380Case 001073727.87 cp07<any>Authentication and Security (Web)Security
50275Case 00104342,Case 001042677.85 up03 cp07 hf121 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)Windows Front-EndIncorrect display of object names after upgrade to HOPEX V2R1 Update 3 CP7 (Table, Column...)
44512Case 000892567.87 cp071 - HOPEX IT Architecture V2 (HITA)WizardWeb Front-EndCannot select type of IT Peripherical Device (IT Infrastructure Assembly Structure Diagram)
43713Case 001008347.87 cp071 - HOPEX IT Architecture V2 (HITA)DiagramWeb Front-EndUnexpected behavior with Pie menu (Infrastructure Assembly Structure Diagrams, specific MetaClass)
45656Case 001019857.87 cp071 - HOPEX Power Studio (MTS2)DatasetWindows Front-EndUnexpected error when connecting Query in Report Dataset Definition
59353Case 001106267.87 cp07<any>Windows and Web Front-EndIncorrect header of matrix (desktop HOPEX Explorer)
47765Case 001007567.87 cp04 hf071 - HOPEX LDC (LDC)ReportWeb Front-EndUnexpected report failure (negative amount for Loss object)
45775Case 001021777.87 cp05 hf192 - HOPEX Datamart (HDT)Windows Front-EndException error during data initialization (Datamart)
53487Case 001068577.87 cp070-All ProductsTreeWeb Front-EndRename title of property page
48472Case 00103721,Case 001043057.85 up03 cp07 hf110-All ProductsProperty PageWeb Front-EndIncorrect display in list (string value with coma)
46151Case 001020837.87 cp070-All ProductsWizardWeb Front-EndUnexpected behavior with 'Filter' option in wizard 'Connecting...'
42468Case 001000397.87 cp070-All ProductsDatasetWindows Front-EndCannot insert tag 'Object Metaclass Name' in text of RTF Descriptor
52173Case 001059197.87 cp071 - HOPEX Internal Control (ICM)Property PageIncorrect display of button Next when answering questionnaire (profile GRC Contributor (lite))
48787Case 001040727.87 cp05 hf222 - HOPEX Datamart (HDT)Windows and Web Front-EndIncorrect behavior when synchronizing datamart (FK column in datamart link tables)
50033Case 001041927.87 cp071 - HOPEX Application Design Solution (ADES)DiagramWeb Front-EndUnexpected display of interactions (Sequence Diagram, Combined Fragment)
49497Case 001044217.87 cp05 hf232 - HOPEX Datamart (HDT)Windows and Web Front-EndUnexpected Null values in Datamart columns (Tagged Value)
48767Case 001040747.87 cp06 hf031 - HOPEX LDC (LDC)Web Front-EndUnexpected report failure (negative amount for Loss object)
46088Case 00102350,Case 001025307.85 up03 cp07 hf090-All ProductsMigration /UpdateWindows Front-EndFK Alignment error during environment upgrade
49534Case 001044787.87 cp06 hf040-All ProductsProperty PageWeb Front-EndCRUD Configuration is not considered (MetaAssociationEnd set to empty, property page)
44567Case 001012167.87 cp070-All ProductsDesktopWeb Front-EndError when running query (Query assistant, _GUIName for MetaAssociationEnd)
51686Case 001053777.87 cp05 hf24<any>Windows and Web Front-EndUpdate of BDNA Interface