To complete the patch installation procedure, it is necessary to upgrade yours environments. This can be done by using the Administration tool.

WorkItem IDSupport NumbersProduct VersionProductSubSystemFront EndProblem Synopsys
50518Case 001050059.00 CP03 hf070-All ProductsWeb Front-EndCannot export to Excel from a list (specific scenario)
49446Case 001028097.87 cp06 hf040-All ProductsDesktopWeb Front-EndCRUD configuration is not considered (MetaAssociationEnd set to read, Tree)
48233Case 001020149.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Architecture V2 (HITA)ReportWeb Front-EndError when loading specific report
49713Case 001045379.00 CP041 - HOPEX Business Proces Analysis (HBPA)WizardWeb Front-EndImprove duplication processing (Organizational Process connected to Risk)
49497Case 001044217.87 cp05 hf232 - HOPEX Datamart (HDT)Windows and Web Front-EndUnexpected Null values in Datamart columns (Tagged Value)
48485Case 001033909.00 CP02 hf10<any>Web ConnectionUnexpected login issue (UAS)
45003Case 001016029.00 CP041 - HOPEX DoDAF2 (HDOD2)Web Front-EndConcept Component properties are not visible (DoDAF profiles)
42999Case 00100552,Case 001020009.00 CP041 - HOPEX Business Architecture & Strategic Planning (BASP)ReportWeb Front-EndCannot display chapter of report 'PPM - Project Portfolio RoadMap'
51593Case 001055089.00 CP03 hf08<any>Web Front-EndMemory issue related to incorrect Trigger definition
46033Case 001024159.00 CP02 hf08<any>Unexpected crash when running a script
48085Case 001022809.00 CP041 - HOPEX DoDAF2 (HDOD2)Property PageWeb Front-EndCannot display properties of Software Technology from a specific list
50536Case 001050789.00 CP041 - HOPEX Internal Control (ICM)DesktopWeb Front-EndUnexpected display for list 'Sent Checklists'
51686Case 001053779.00 CP03 hf08<any>Windows and Web Front-EndUpdate of BDNA Interface
45707Case 001021149.00 CP040-All ProductsAuthentication and SecurityWeb Front-EndCannot connect a Login to a LDAP Server
40301Case 000987639.00 CP040-All ProductsProperty PageWeb Front-EndUnexpected message when editing text in tab General > Translation (object protected, data access rule)
45653Case 001020819.00 CP04<any>Script error when configuring specific report (Translation Report)
46259Case 001021729.00 CP041 - HOPEX Database Buider (DBB)WizardWindows and Web Front-EndIncorrect behavior in mapping editor
46004Case 001021379.00 CP041 - HOPEX LDC (LDC)DesktopWeb Front-EndMissing columns 'Declarent's entity' in list 'All incidents'
46640Case 001027179.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Portfolio Management (APM)WizardWeb Front-EndCannot add quickly several application to a portfolio
46098Case 001015729.00 CP040-All ProductsDesktopWeb Front-EndList of All Applications is not sorted by default
45544Case 001011829.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Architecture V2 (HITA)Web Front-EndConnect logical data store to a System Process
45775Case 001021777.87 cp05 hf192 - HOPEX Datamart (HDT)Windows Front-EndException error during data initialization (Datamart)
47744Case 001033049.00 CP041 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)Property PageCannot connect a Package to a DataType Package using property page
49826Case 001046929.00 CP040-All ProductsAuthentication and Security (Web)Web Front-EndSecurity
46464Case 000989329.00 CP040-All ProductsWeb Site (Creation, Generation...)Windows and Web Front-EndNo clickage zone in image page (static web site, SVG image format)
49693Case 001031359.00 CP040-All ProductsDesktopWeb Front-EndUnexpected behavior with alert notification
45673Case 001020789.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Portfolio Management (APM)AssessmentWindows and Web Front-EndUnexpected list of Application properties in wizard Creation of Assessment Session (Fill data on Application)
47765Case 001007567.87 cp04 hf071 - HOPEX LDC (LDC)ReportWeb Front-EndUnexpected report failure (negative amount for Loss object)
49517Case 001047639.00 CP041 - HOPEX General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)Incorrect initialization of Organizational Model tree (Department and Processing Activity missing)
48135Case 00103347HOPEX V4.0 CP41 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)DiagramWeb Front-EndCannot disconnect Concept from Business Information Diagram
45757Case 001018979.00 CP041 - HOPEX Power Studio (MTS2)Property PageWeb Front-EndUnexpected display for section title (specific data)
48810Case 001040947.87 cp06 hf030-All ProductsProperty PageWeb Front-EndUnexpected error when displaying popup menu ('error 'Cannot Proceed command on this page')
43204Case 001006149.00 CP041 - HOPEX General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)DesktopWeb Front-EndCannot filter items in list of Processing Activity for certain columns (Legal entity, Department)
48291Case 001034059.00 CP03 hf060-All ProductsMigration /UpdateWindows Front-EndDisplay of message altered after migration from HOPEX V2R1 to HOPEX V4 (Message based on Content)
46119Case 000991017.87 cp06 hf021 - HOPEX Power Studio (MTS2)Web Site (Creation, Generation...)Windows Front-EndError when generating static web site with API script
47676Case 00102770HOPEX V4.0 CP40-All ProductsDesktopIncorrect sort on short name (specific MetaClass)
46088Case 00102350,Case 001025307.85 up03 cp07 hf090-All ProductsMigration /UpdateWindows Front-EndFK Alignment error during environment upgrade
49669Case 001044609.00 CP03 hf070-All ProductsDesktopWeb Front-EndNext/previous button are disabled (list of diagrams)
47917Case 001018999.00 CP04<any>Web Front-EndTile 'Assessment freshness' not up to date for Processing Activity objects (certain objects)
47092Case 001028689.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Portfolio Management (APM)DiagramWeb Front-EndCannot use XX Scenario Sequence Diagram for certain Profiles/MetaClass
47924Case 001033829.00 CP040-All ProductsDatasetWindows Front-EndNo display for Report DataSet Property (from depth level 3)
47057Case 001024719.00 CP03 hf030-All ProductsWeb Site (Creation, Generation...)Windows Front-EndUnexpected crash during web site generation ('Invalid data length')
47015Case 001022149.00 CP041 - HOPEX Business Proces Analysis (HBPA)Web Front-EndAsk name when creating process objects (disable silent creation mode)
38820Case 000982149.00 CP041 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)WizardWeb Front-EndRelational diagram is not complete after synchronization (logical to physical)
45754Case 001018797.85 up03 cp07 hf080-All ProductsMigration /UpdateWindows Front-EndError during index alignment
47531Case 001030959.00 CP041 - HOPEX Business Architecture (HBAS)ReportWeb Front-EndUnexpected display in Business Architecture Breakdown Report
45927Case 001023749.00 CP03 hf011 - HOPEX Business Architecture & Strategic Planning (BASP)ReportWeb Front-EndAdd a parameter for Capability Report to limit the number of levels displayed
48935Case 001041129.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Portfolio Management (APM)ReportWeb Front-EndGraph renamed in Report 'Application Environment Graph'
50366Case 001048989.00 CP041 - HOPEX Internal Audit (MIAW)ReportWeb Front-EndIncorrect display in report 'Action by Recommendation'
47930Case 001033949.00 CP04<any>Cannot differentiate Application from Application Systems or Micro services in Scenario Sequence Diagram
48861Case 001038557.85 up03 cp07 hf111 - HOPEX Internal Control (ICM)ReportWeb Front-EndCannot run report 'Automatic execution'
50287Case 001048679.00 CP03 hf072 - HOPEX Datamart (HDT)Windows Front-EndObject table is not populated when using Datamart
51021Case 001053269.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Architecture V2 (HITA)DesktopWeb Front-EndUnexpected behavior with list 'My Applications'
48172Case 001034679.00 CP02 hf090-All ProductsWindows and Web Front-EndUnexpected behavior when running ERQL query
45675Case 001020599.00 CP041 - HOPEX Business Architecture & Strategic Planning (BASP)ReportWeb Front-EndDisplay issue in report 'Project impact on Transformation Roadmap'
48787Case 001040727.87 cp05 hf222 - HOPEX Datamart (HDT)Windows and Web Front-EndIncorrect behavior when synchronizing datamart (FK column in datamart link tables)
44858Case 001011199.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Portfolio Management (APM)ReportWeb Front-EndUnexpected display in report 'Data Category of Portfolio Dendrogram'
50275Case 00104342,Case 001042677.85 up03 cp07 hf121 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)Windows Front-EndIncorrect display of object names after upgrade to HOPEX V2R1 Update 3 CP7 (Table, Column...)
48252Case 001035299.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Architecture V2 (HITA)DiagramCannot identify diagram containing Content object (Scenario of Application System Flows)
44372Case 001011909.00 CP041 - HOPEX Business Proces Analysis (HBPA)DiagramWeb Front-EndIncorrect ownership link when using floating toolbar
48582Case 001036349.00 CP041 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)DiagramWeb Front-EndIncorrect display for Logical Data Area (Data Map Diagram, Logical Data Area Component not sorted)
47762Case 001033117.87 cp05 hf202 - HOPEX Datamart (HDT)Windows Front-EndUnexpected slow performances when running Datamart incremental update
43713Case 001008349.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Architecture V2 (HITA)DiagramWeb Front-EndUnexpected behavior with Pie menu (Infrastructure Assembly Structure Diagrams, specific MetaClass)
44512Case 000892569.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Architecture V2 (HITA)WizardWeb Front-EndCannot select type of IT Peripherical Device (IT Infrastructure Assembly Structure Diagram)
49377Case 001043317.87 cp06 hf060-All ProductsDiagramWeb Front-EndCannot prevent to create an object in a diagram (DiagramTypeObject Creatable No, Web Front-end)
46141Case 001022479.00 CP041 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)Web Front-EndClass Attribute is not displayed below Class (tree Standard Navigation)
48224Case 001030879.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Architecture V2 (HITA)AssessmentWeb Front-EndUnexpected display for Questionnaire according to profile
48583Case 001034909.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Portfolio Management (APM)CollaborationWeb Front-EndLog change of Application owner in Activity Feed
45602Case 001019919.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Portfolio Management (APM)ReportWeb Front-EndSpelling error in report 'Cost Report'
46851Case 001028679.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Portfolio Management (APM)ReportWeb Front-EndReport parameter 'Treshold' is not considered (Instant report of type 'Breakdown')
52035Case 001060089.00 CP04<any>Erreur dans notre rapport d'analyse de traduction en 1500
48079Case 001030859.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Portfolio Management (APM)ReportWeb Front-EndReport Business Capability Map is removed (Profile Application Portfolio Manager)
45442Case 000994889.00 CP040-All ProductsWeb Front-EndDisplay of indicators in tree 'Home' is not supported (modeling regulation)
47288Case 00103056HOPEX V4.0 CP41 - HOPEX Power Studio (MTS2)DesktopWindows Front-EndSpelling error in warning
46958Case 001028669.00 CP041 - HOPEX General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)WizardWeb Front-EndCannot connect certain Department to Processing Activity
46621Case 00102624HOPEX V4.0 CP41 - HOPEX Business Proces Analysis (HBPA)DesktopWeb Front-EndCannot create or view folders below level one (Hierarchy view, Organizational Processes)
50033Case 001041929.00 CP041 - HOPEX Application Design Solution (ADES)DiagramWeb Front-EndUnexpected display of interactions (Sequence Diagram, Combined Fragment)
47840Case 001033139.00 CP041 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)TranslationWeb Front-EndUnexpected string translation (Property page of Concept)
45369Case 001017799.00 CP04<any>AssessmentWindows and Web Front-EndImprove control of Assessment Campaign date
47938Case 00103408,Case 001045469.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Portfolio Management (APM)Web ConnectionWeb Front-EndUnexpected list when login with profile 'Application Owner'
45051Case 001011059.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Architecture V2 (HITA)DesktopWeb Front-EndUnexpected slowness when browsing folder displaying interactions
462319.00 CP03 hf060-All ProductsDesktopWeb Front-EndUnexpected behavior with filter in tool Search by object type (Thaï language)
48472Case 00103721,Case 001043057.85 up03 cp07 hf110-All ProductsProperty PageWeb Front-EndIncorrect display in list (string value with coma)
47897Case 001033449.00 CP041 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)DesktopWeb Front-EndCannot edit property 'Retention period' for Data Category object
49067Case 001040269.00 CP041 - HOPEX Archimate (HAM)Windows Front-EndFix memory error when performing Archimate import (large file)
48765Case 001022909.00 CP041 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)ReportWeb Front-EndDisplay issue in report 'Glossary Report' (Synonym, line feed)
44417Case 001010867.85 up03 cp07 hf091 - HOPEX Power Studio (MTS2)Property PageWindows Front-EndUnexpected behavior when changing _AtIndex from Unique to Not unique
48561Case 001035839.00 CP040-All ProductsDesktopWindows Front-EndMemory error when displaying property 'current state' in list
48802Case 001036657.87 cp05 hf22<any>Property PageWeb Front-EndCannot connect object in property page (custom data)
50603Case 001044929.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Portfolio Management (APM)ReportWeb Front-EndEmpty report ('Application Environment Graph' 'Exchange and content' option 'Use the former implementation of data exchange')
50185Case 001048609.00 CP040-All ProductsDiagramWeb Front-EndUnexpected name for sketch created by drag and drop
49924Case 00104666HOPEX V4.0 CP40-All ProductsHOPEX360 Web SiteWindows and Web Front-EndCannot copy-paste content of pages (web site template HOPEX 360)
48767Case 001040747.87 cp06 hf031 - HOPEX LDC (LDC)Web Front-EndUnexpected report failure (negative amount for Loss object)
46423Case 00102472,Case 001041709.00 CP040-All ProductsWizardWeb Front-EndTarget window is hidden when merging objets
46026Case 001022869.00 CP02 hf061 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)DiagramWindows and Web Front-EndAssociations are not displayed in Class diagrams after migration to HOPEX V4
44887Case 001014159.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Portfolio Management (APM)Import TechnopediaWeb Front-EndUnexpected behavior with BDNA import for manually created Technologies
47462Case 000996537.87 cp05 hf202 - HOPEX Datamart (HDT)Windows and Web Front-EndRefreshing of existing datamart is not reliable (manually or using scheduled job)
40988Case 000989997.87 cp06 hf01<any>Web Front-EndCannot update email dynamically at login (SSO/Saml2)
49121Case 001042179.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Portfolio Management (APM)Windows and Web Front-EndQuery against 'Content' name fails for lengths > 29 characters
45955Case 001017999.00 CP03 hf020-All ProductsAuthentication and SecurityWeb Front-EndXML error on web via SSO (WAS log enhancement)
49026Case 001042189.00 CP040-All ProductsDesktopWeb Front-EndError when saving new query (specific profiles)
46881Case 001028429.00 CP040-All ProductsReportWeb Front-EndReport additional format is lost when exporting to RTF (specific case)
52248Case 001060169.00 CP041 - HOPEX Database Buider (DBB)WizardWeb Front-EndError during reverse of database (not enough storage is available)
48900Case 001040819.00 CP03 hf05<any>Metamodel compilationWindows Front-EndIncorrect naming of Concepts objects after migration to HOPEX V4.0 (<unnamed>)
45398Case 00098504,Case 001044669.00 CP040-All ProductsDatasetWeb Front-EndUnexpected behavior in list after CRUD configuration (to prevent creation of Organizational Process)
51714Case 00105642HOPEX V4.0 CP4<any>HOPEX360 Web SiteWeb Front-EndIncomplete index for Business Capabilities (HOPEX360, V4)
46151Case 001020839.00 CP040-All ProductsWizardWeb Front-EndUnexpected behavior with 'Filter' option in wizard 'Connecting...'
43939Case 001003759.00 CP03 hf01<any>Web Front-EndCannot load a diagram in preview tool (dive, specific data)
50821Case 001051769.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Portfolio Management (APM)Web Front-EndUnexpected menu 'Business Architecture' with APM license (profiles Application Viewer Lite, ITPM Reader)
46807Case 001010879.00 CP041 - HOPEX Enterprise Risk Management (ERMW)Web Front-EndCannot edit all Control properties (profile 'Risk Manager')
49006Case 001039697.85 up03 cp07 hf100-All ProductsDesktopWeb Front-EndError when right click on certain objects (Cannot proceed command on this page)
51105Case 001052239.00 CP040-All ProductsError when running FK alignment utility
49534Case 001044787.87 cp06 hf040-All ProductsProperty PageWeb Front-EndCRUD Configuration is not considered (MetaAssociationEnd set to empty, property page)
45150Case 001016569.00 CP041 - HOPEX Business Architecture & Strategic Planning (BASP)ReportWeb Front-EndIssue with indicators display on Business Capability Map Report
50535Case 001038689.00 CP041 - HOPEX Internal Control (ICM)DesktopWeb Front-EndUnexpected display for list 'Completed Checklists'
50819Case 001051269.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Portfolio Management (APM)DesktopWeb Front-EndUnexpected display for menu Hamburger Portfolio > Application Portfolio
47313Case 001030149.00 CP040-All ProductsDesktopWeb Front-EndVarious translation issues (Dutch language)
50529Case 00104938HOPEX V4.0 CP41 - HOPEX IT Architecture V2 (HITA)Web Site (Creation, Generation...)Windows and Web Front-EndDisplay Application fulfilling Functionality (HOPEX360)
44843Case 001014929.00 CP040-All ProductsReportWeb Front-EndAdd warnings when running TreeMap reports (beyond specific limits)
50030Case 001043999.00 CP041 - HOPEX Business Proces Analysis (HBPA)DesktopWeb Front-EndCannot make difference between Called Org Process and Org Process
49701Case 001045229.00 CP04<any>ReportWeb Front-EndImprove report 'Regulation Compliance'
47709Case 001031817.87 cp06 hf030-All ProductsWeb Front-EndUnexpected display in preview of diagram
48545Case 001036449.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Architecture V2 (HITA)Web Front-EndSpecifications not available on version of Application (Functionnality)
44153Case 00100988,Case 001020959.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Architecture V2 (HITA)DiagramWeb Front-EndFloating toolbar not displayed in a specific list (specific data)
35949Case 000931979.00 CP040-All ProductsProperty PageWindows Front-EndCannot connect a Repository Snapshot to a Profile Assignment
49159Case 001043069.00 CP040-All ProductsAuthentication and Security (Web)Windows Front-EndUnexpected behavior after changing password value
46361Case 00102477,Case 001030869.00 CP040-All ProductsAssessmentWeb Front-EndCannot filter Assessment Session on date properties
49155Case 001034599.00 CP040-All ProductsAssessmentWeb Front-EndIncorrect display for report 'Generate Aggregation'
49756Case 001044449.00 CP041 - HOPEX Power Studio (MTS2)Web Site (Creation, Generation...)Windows and Web Front-EndIncorrect color for enumeration value when running HTML descriptor
46388Case 001026099.00 CP040-All ProductsDiagramWeb Front-EndCannot update format of title object in diagram
47739Case 001032619.00 CP041 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)DesktopWeb Front-EndIncorrect display of list when deleting an item (custom list)
47484Case 001025839.00 CP041 - HOPEX Business Proces Analysis (HBPA)Metamodel compilationWindows and Web Front-EndDisable by default option 'Automatic filling of BPMN diagrams'
48119Case 00104627,Case 001046279.00 CP04<any>Improve display for properties create version/update version
51912Case 001062969.00 CP041 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)Missing icon 'Validate' between Class and Table mapped (Mapping editor)
48017Case 001024179.00 CP03 hf051 - HOPEX Business Proces Analysis (HBPA)DiagramWeb Front-EndCannot display diagram name in Title block
47534Case 001028019.00 CP041 - HOPEX IT Architecture V2 (HITA)WizardWeb Front-EndIncorrect behavior in wizard 'Adding of Application Technical Area'
47072Case 001029899.00 CP04<any>Problème des chaines non reconnues par nos outils de traduction
49507Case 001042949.00 CP041 - HOPEX Business Proces Analysis (HBPA)WizardWeb Front-EndUnexpected behavior when Merging objects with Person Assignments
50248Case 001045399.00 CP040-All ProductsWindows Front-EndCompilation error when creating environment (French language)
48589Case 001035349.00 CP03 hf061 - HOPEX Internal Control (ICM)Property PageWeb Front-EndControl Execution - Unexpected displayed of the Detailed Execution Results? OK/KO not valued
46499Case 001026439.00 CP03 hf010-All ProductsDesktopWeb Front-EndCannot user filter in web list (Thai language)
44351Case 001010889.00 CP041 - HOPEX Business Architecture & Strategic Planning (BASP)DesktopWeb Front-EndIt is not allowed to connect a Value Stage to a Value Stream
45903Case 001023209.00 CP041 - HOPEX Business Proces Analysis (HBPA)Property PageCannot connect Org-unit to Operation using property page (profile 'Process Functional Administrator')