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WorkItem IDSupport NumbersProduct VersionProductSubSystemFront EndProblem Synopsys
80744Case 00125875HOPEX V4.0 CP71 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)Property PageWindows and Web Front-EndHistory is not updated when running Synchronization wizard
75094Case 001210529.00 CP071 - HOPEX Business Proces Analysis (HBPA)WizardWeb Front-EndProcess Comment Formatting when changing Process Level
79061Case 001235649.00 CP071 - HOPEX IT Portfolio Management (APM)Property PageWeb Front-EndIn tab 'Workflow Activity' GUI name of TaggedValue is not considered (associated information)
73261Case 001197069.00 CP071 - HOPEX Database Buider (DBB)DatasetWeb Front-EndCannot document property sqlname for an Attribute (Report DataSet)
79449Case 00125008HOPEX V4.0 CP71 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)Web Front-EndChange of order Class-Attribute is not considered when running Synchronize (Physical to Logical) from a Package
35406Case 000958149.00 CP070-All ProductsCollaborationWeb Front-EndIncorrect behavior when following or stopping following a locked object
74821HOPEX V4.0 CP71 - HOPEX Business Proces Analysis (HBPA)DiagramWeb Front-EndTry #2 Unexpected behavior when Copy/Pasting nested objects between diagrams (connection not displayed)
76649Case 00122733V5.0 CP04<any>Improve robustness of dispatch
75612Case 001171719.00 CP07<any>Cannot download Excel document (Excel export)
71789Case 00118960V5.0 CP030-All ProductsDesktopWeb Front-EndIncorrect display of text value in property page (TreeSet, refresh)
73856Case 00120287V5.0 CP04<any>Improve robustness of Repository Reorganization (Oracle to SQL Server)
75291Case 00121335V5.0 CP041 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)Property PageWeb Front-EndDatabase option 'Conversion uppercase' not considered when creating Table/Column
73361Case 00120030HOPEX V4.0 CP71 - HOPEX Power Studio (MTS2)Web Site (Creation, Generation...)Web Front-EndCannot document Event Type with HTML descriptor
48556Case 001030199.00 CP070-All ProductsReportWindows and Web Front-EndReview when generating Realization Graph Report
79055Case 001246709.00 CP071 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)WizardWindows and Web Front-EndIncorrect ordering of PK column when running wizard Synchronize (Physical to Logical)
79233Case 00124822HOPEX V4.0 CP71 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)WizardWindows and Web Front-EndIncorrect processing of PK when running wizard 'Synchronize Logical Physical' (specific scenario)
77883Case 00123481V5.0 CP041 - HOPEX Business Architecture & Strategic Planning (BASP)ReportWeb Front-EndError running Report (Project x Architecture / Projects deliverable impact on capability Map)
76171V5.0 CP041 - HOPEX Archimate (HAM)DiagramWeb Front-EndImprove robustness when loading diagrams
74489Case 001205089.00 CP071 - HOPEX Business Architecture & Strategic Planning (BASP)WizardWeb Front-EndCannot create a Deliverable of Type Logical Application
77267Case 001222289.00 CP071 - HOPEX Business Architecture & Strategic Planning (BASP)AssessmentWeb Front-EndCannot delete validated Capability Assessment
72050Case 001191009.00 CP070-All ProductsDesktopWeb Front-EndSub libraries are not displayed (tree Libraries)
74014Case 00120557V5.0 CP041 - HOPEX Archimate (HAM)DiagramWeb Front-EndReduce time to load diagrams
81182Case 00126739HOPEX V4.0 CP70-All ProductsDiagramWeb Front-EndImprove Diagram Viewer behavior
71265Case 00117289V5.0 CP03<any>DesktopUnexpected server error when using time machine (diagram)
68704Case 001169409.00 CP071 - HOPEX Business Proces Analysis (HBPA)Property PageWeb Front-EndEnable to create System Used from property page of Operation
68709Case 001162449.00 CP071 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)DiagramWeb Front-EndUnexpected link displayed when connecting Information Item and Information Item Rule (referenced representation)
77299Case 00117846HOPEX V4.0 CP70-All ProductsWorkflowWeb Front-EndIncorrect wizard execution (if a session timeout occurs)
72329Case 001193039.00 CP070-All ProductsWorkflowWeb Front-EndCannot trigger workflow with profile Digital Transformation Architect (Workflow definition 'IT and Business Update Workflow')
74901Case 001209749.00 CP071 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)WizardImprove selection of Qualifiers on AssociationEnd (Class Diagram)
79476Case 00125128V5.0 CP040-All ProductsWindows and Web Front-EndLink to Dispatch (Data) lost when running System Job 'Archival log'
75837Case 001215669.00 CP070-All ProductsProperty PageWindows and Web Front-EndBusiness Role Multiplicity is not considered when creating a Responsibility Assigment in a list
76851Case 00119367,Case 00122965HOPEX V4.0 CP7<any>Improve execution of GraphQL jobs when scheduled
61434Case 00111178V5.0 CP041 - HOPEX IT Architecture V2 (HITA)Property PageWeb Front-EndSort is lost when exporting report (list) to Excel
71627Case 001188619.00 CP071 - HOPEX IT Portfolio Management (APM)Property PageWeb Front-EndGantt chart enables to update Gantt chart data in instant report
71184Case 00118630V5.0 CP041 - HOPEX Archimate (HAM)DiagramPreview tool can freeze (specific scenario, large volume of data)
78332Case 001242729.00 CP071 - HOPEX Archimate (HAM)DesktopWeb Front-EndMerge feature is not available for Archimate EA Elements
80965Case 00125190HOPEX V4.0 CP70-All ProductsWizardWeb Front-EndWizard Creation of Exchange Contract use is not loaded
78401Case 001242659.00 CP071 - HOPEX Application Design Solution (ADES)DiagramWeb Front-EndDeployment Diagram is not available (UML Designer, HOPEX V4.0)
68045Case 001158799.00 CP071 - HOPEX Business Architecture (HBAS)DesktopWeb Front-EndCannot see low level Enterprise Sub-Stage (Tree Business Architecture Environment By Stage)
80431Case 00125220HOPEX V4.0 CP70-All ProductsImport/Export (HOPEX Files)Windows and Web Front-EndError when importing from Excel (special char. in user name)
75238Case 001204999.00 CP071 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)ReportWeb Front-EndCannot load comparison report during Compare and Align
76085Case 00119768V5.0 CP04<any>Improve tracing for web site generation (BLOB error)
71914Case 00119119V5.0 CP031 - HOPEX Business Proces Analysis (HBPA)Web Front-EndMissing line breaks in Instant report of type Table (text with bulleted list)
77311Case 001098619.00 CP070-All ProductsWeb AdministrationWeb Front-EndError when generating instant report of type 'Profile Permission Report'
74019Case 00120494HOPEX V4.0 CP71 - HOPEX Database Buider (DBB)Property PageWeb Front-EndIncorrect display when reorganizing components of Class identifier
77668Case 00119628HOPEX V4.0 CP71 - HOPEX IT Portfolio Management (APM)Import TechnopediaWeb Front-EndUnexpected behavior when importing from BDNA (Technology without version)
81018Case 00126390HOPEX V4.0 CP71 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)WizardWeb Front-EndCompare and align of 2 Data Dictionaries is not reliable (large data)
69366Case 00116417V5.0 CP03<any>Fix for Blob error root cause
71723Case 00118641HOPEX V4.0 CP70-All ProductsProperty PageWeb Front-EndCannot load property page for protected object (preview)
69933Case 00117359V5.0 CP031 - HOPEX DoDAF2 (HDOD2)Web Front-EndMetaClass 'Sketch' not available
74980Case 00121129V5.0 CP041 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)GenerationWeb Front-EndEmpty script when generating a DDL
73903Case 001204079.00 CP071 - HOPEX IT Portfolio Management (APM)ReportWeb Front-EndWrong label for Layer 'Application's Functional Scope' (report 'Application Environment Graph')
80883Case 001254919.00 CP071 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)WizardWeb Front-EndImprove initialization of Business Dictionary from logical data
80161Case 00116924HOPEX V4.0 CP7<any>Jobs associated with campaigns executing on wrong date
72610Case 00119259V5.0 CP031 - HOPEX Internal Audit (MIAW)WizardWeb Front-EndError when creating object (conflict with data access rule)
66733Case 001153119.00 CP071 - HOPEX IT Architecture V2 (HITA)CollaborationWindows and Web Front-EndUser does not get workflow notification (Person Group, object notification)
71604Case 00118788V5.0 CP031 - HOPEX Archimate (HAM)DiagramWeb Front-EndPrevent duplication when connecting two objects already linked
78999Case 001243639.00 CP070-All ProductsDatasetWeb Front-EndDiscrepancy time zone on Report Dataset generation
74392Case 00120595V5.0 CP04<any>Improve execution of toolbar Workflow button (specific cases)
75244Case 00121294V5.0 CP041 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)Property PageWeb Front-EndSave Matrix content (large volume of data)
75900Case 00120797V5.0 CP04<any>WizardWeb Front-EndUnexpected behavior when creating Application (Conflict with Data Access Rule)
80401Case 001254979.00 CP071 - HOPEX Business Proces Analysis (HBPA)Property PageWeb Front-EndCannot edit comment for a Control object (Profile 'Process Functional Administrator')
78645Case 001243469.00 CP071 - HOPEX IT Architecture V2 (HITA)DiagramWeb Front-EndHiding a flow is not considered (Scenario of Application Flow Diagram, Application Environment)
69774Case 00117464V5.0 CP03<any>Web Front-EndImprove logs (trace error to log back in, invalid JSON Primitive)
73774Case 001203429.00 CP070-All ProductsAuthentication and Security (Web)Windows and Web Front-EndTrace deletion of Profile Assignment for a User in Supervision log
78853Case 001167019.00 CP07<any>Web Front-EndReport 'Process description' empty when a risk is linked (specific user)
59874Case 001070079.00 CP071 - HOPEX Business Architecture (HBAS)Property PageWeb Front-EndUnexpected list of tabs for related object of Request for Change
75104Case 00121141V5.0 CP040-All ProductsWindows and Web Front-EndError when executing ERQL query ('IN' condition)
76650Case 001219729.00 CP070-All ProductsAuthentication and Security (Web)Windows and Web Front-EndUseless mail notification with authentification mode different than MEGA/Native
75239Case 00121269V5.0 CP041 - HOPEX Information Architecture (INFA)Property PageWeb Front-EndUnstable behavior with Realization Matrix
65411Case 00114088HOPEX V4.0 CP70-All ProductsWeb ConnectionWeb Front-EndUnexpected login error (dynamic creation)
79914Case 00125411HOPEX V4.0 CP7<any>Unexpected name for Persons create dynamically at login (SSO, SAML2)
81119Case 00127024HOPEX V4.0 CP71 - HOPEX Database Buider (DBB)WizardWeb Front-EndImprove saving of parameters for Database synchronization wizard in Reduced Synchronization Mode
76232Case 00121106V5.0 CP041 - HOPEX IT Risk Management (ITGRC)ReportWeb Front-EndUnexpected result in analysis report (Risk Evaluation)
74848Case 001206609.00 CP071 - HOPEX Business Proces Analysis (HBPA)ReportWeb Front-EndModeling regulation report is empty ('BPMN Regulation', Organizational Process)
72445Case 001193489.00 CP070-All ProductsImport/Export ExcelWeb Front-EndError when importing files (.MGR, .XLSX, WAF)
75315Case 00121270V5.0 CP040-All ProductsProperty PageWeb Front-EndSelection of multiple items in list is uneasy (filter enabled)
71695Case 00118853V5.0 CP031 - HOPEX Archimate (HAM)Export PowerPointWeb Front-EndCannot export Archimate Model
74006Case 00120382V5.0 CP040-All ProductsReportWeb Front-EndDisplay issue for book (text containing MEGA fields)
71620Case 00118786V5.0 CP031 - HOPEX Archimate (HAM)DiagramUnexpected behavior when Copy/Pasting nested objects between diagrams (connection not displayed)
74377Case 001205029.00 CP071 - HOPEX Database Buider (DBB)DiagramWeb Front-EndUnexpected display of class identifier member in Class diagram